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Hi There!

The Night Life Project is now complete! We the producers would like to thank all of you who have participated in the project, the response we got from you was bigger and better than could have imagined.

You can now watch the completed film right here, with images painted by you, our contributors, artists and producers.

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Night Life is the story of two young stars, Altair and Vega, who decide to skip school one day and see what the universe has to offer. From constellations to meteor belts to our very own planet Earth, the two young stars travel all over, finding all kinds of fun and mischief wherever they go.

However, with freedom comes responsibility, and Altair and Vega soon learn that things can get very dangerous when you adventure too far into the unknown...

Here are a few of our storyboards for the film, showing how we visualised our story ideas so that the animation team had a clear plan of what each scene needed.

About Night Life

"Night Life" is a collaborative animated film following the story of two young stars, codenamed Altair and Vega, as they journey through space, getting into all kinds of mischeif along the way.

The collaboration comes in when you, the public, paint pictures of space scenes for us using our painting tool, which will then be displayed at random in the background of the animated film, making each viewing of the film slightly different.

By creating images on the website, not only do you unlock special features such as extra character profiles, but you will also be listed in the movie credits. One image will give you the title of "contributor", three makes you an "artist", and when you create ten or more you get credited as a "producer".

About Us

We, the producers of Night Life, are four final-year Multimedia students from the Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland - Alder Cass, Mitchell Galavan, Ken Kidney and Robert McGrath. Night Life is our Bachelor Project, which is part of our graduate exhibition, "I AM", beginning June 8th.

A shared passion for animation and a diverse but compatible skill-set brought the team together, all of us having experience and interest in different aspects of the animation process, and all of us having something different to contribute to the project.

The Night Life Project is something we're all extremely passionate about, and here's hoping the fun we're having while working on it will be inherited by the end result!